Care Package CD


Every year we send a care package to our groupies who are now Freshmen in college. We miss them so much and this is our little way to show them we are thinking about them.

Never be afraid to stop by when you're around. This will always be your home where you will be welcomed with open arms. Can't wait to see you again soon!

In the care package, we include a CD with songs contributed by the current groupies. This year's theme is:
"Songs That Comfort or Remind You Of Home"

(See the bottom of this page for archives of the previous years' playlists)

We all hope you are having an amazing time during your freshman year.  However, we know it is not always easy.  Below is the playlist we have created of songs that bring us comfort in hard times or remind us of home.  Hopefully sharing our memories helps to bring you comfort and remind you that we are all here for you.  Enjoy!

1.  “Home” by Phil Phillips
“This song always reminds us that not matter where we are, or what we are going through, we always have St Pauls Youth Group to come home to.  If you get lost you can always be found.” ~Groupies

2.  “Sail Away’ by David Grey
“This song was on my dads favorite album when I was little so it was always played in my house and especially on long car rides down the shore. So it became one of my favorite songs. Memories of my dad, my brother and I always come to mind when I hear this song.” ~Marlee O’Keefe

3.  “Welcome Home” by Radical Face
“Other then the highly suitable name for the song, Welcome Home also has a story behind it.  Back when the show Planet Earth was broadcasted, they used this song to portray the animals in their habitat, and that is what I've pictured ever since, my home.” ~Aiden Petti

4.  “We Come Running” by the Youngblood Hawkes
“The first time I heard this song was last year when a senior on the Track team had our coach play it on the way to the State Sectional meet, and every time I hear this song it reminds me of my teammates.  I always say that I have three families, my actual family, Youth Group, and my teammates.  This song always comforts me because it reminds me of all that I have experienced with my teammates.  Also, if I am ever running by myself, I will listen to this song so I associate it with something that relaxes me.” ~DJ Kleinbard

5.  “Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammer
“Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer is and upbeat, fun and catchy song! This song has always been able to put a smile on my face and (although I hate to admit it) made me sing along even when I didn't want to! It reminds you that what happens isn't important because it make you who you are and ‘this is just a journey drop your worries’." ~Alicia Weinrich

6.  “Breakdown” by Jack Johnson
“This song gives me comfort when I’m sad or depressed because it is calm and soothing.” ~T-Mack

7.  “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line
“I like this song because it makes me happy and I like to travel….so cruise.” ~Anonymous

8.  “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” by Bon Jovi
“It’s message reminds you that you can always return home whenever you want.” ~Stephen Colletti

9.  “By Your Side” by Tenth Avenue North
“Someone close to me first showed me this song.  Ever since then I hear this song and immediately feel calm and comforted.  I always know they will be there for me no matter what I love the way it makes me feel.” ~Abby Zimmitti

10.  “Every Night” by Imagine Dragons
“This song makes me think of home because the first time I played it my dog came home from the vet after having surgery and it makes me think of her” ~Aiden Petti

11.  “These Are Days” by 10,000 Maniacs
“Whenever I hear "These Are Days" it always takes me back to my time as a high school groupie. We used it a lot so when it comes on, those great memories of sitting packed like sardines into the old youth office come back. Aside from the association I have with high school youth group, I love the message... "These are the days you might fill with laughter until you break" always reminds me to go back to my best friends whom I shared (and continue to share) those moments filled with laughter until we laughed so hard that we couldn't breath. It reminds me to live in the moment and enjoy the many blessings around me. It helps me to keep perspective between reminiscing of the past, enjoying the present, and looking forward to the future.” ~Eric Erler

12.  “Dare You To Move” by Switchfoot
“A few years ago my family went through a tragedy and my faith was really tested.  I think we all go through that at many times in our lives.  This song really challenged me to get up and push forward when all I wanted to do was hide.  I still use it often to motivate me to get back on the right path and push forward when I think I have nothing left to give.” ~Ali Erler

Care Package CD - 2013